the honest liars [they said it, not us]
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JamRag Magazine -

"THE HONEST LIARS debut album 'Differentiation' clocks in at around thirty minutes, with plenty of hard-driving riffs and basic songs about loves lost and won. The vocals are a little off-key sometimes, but the energy carries it through. The standout track is 'It Ain't Love,' where the riff is insanely catchy and the solo is almost better than the song itself. And even if the LIARS are following well-trod territory, they are doing it in a fresh way. After all, guitar based songs with sappy lyrics is what rock is all about."

Michigan Independant Music Magazine -

"In the mass of by-the-numbers alternative acts, THE HONEST LIARS debut album 'Differentiation' does what it advertizes. THE HONEST LIARS stand out with short, sweet songs that stick in your head and rock the way no one does anymore. Get these guys a contract already!"

JamRag Magazine -
"My World"

"THE HONEST LIARS are back with another brilliant collection of blues-based Rock'N'Roll. There are some production issues here - microphones pop, beats drop out, tape crackles, vocals slip out of key - but they use it to make such interesting sounds that it almost seems on purpose. While their bare-bones rock style is a hundred light years away from, say, Radiohead, they are tapping into the same kind of push and pull between electric / organic, past / present, digital / analog. And throughout, there's no denying the songwriting chops. THE HONEST LIARS are a group to watch."

Michigan Independant Music Magazine -
"Sometimes Down The Road"

"THE HONEST LIARS apparently had a vision - jump in the studio and whip together an album in three days. And they did it, and the result is the engaging and refreshing 'Sometimes Down the Road.' The title song is an intriguing mix - a road song with a garage feel and psychedelic shimmer tossed off with a folksy half-sung half-spoken vocal. From there, it barrels into the high octane power chords of 'Love Around,' the pleasingly retro 60's pop of 'Dear Katherine', the groovy 'It's Only', the introspective 'Now and Then' and closes on the monster riff workout 'She Said Shine.' All in less than thirty minutes. Like an adrenaline shot to the heart, THE HONEST LIARS wake you up and make you take notice. And they definitely made the most of their time in the studio. "

Q: So, is there any truth to the rumor that two of you are related?

Bob:      Well, I guess the jig is up.

Dylan:   Yeah, we can’t keep up the masquerade any longer. The truth is, Bob’s my ex-uncle-in-law.

Bob:      That’s right. And I’m his aunt’s former husband.

John:     That’s not all. I’m actually Dylan’s mother’s no-longer-brother-in-law’s brother.

Dylan:   Also, John and Bob were born on the same day, at the same hospital, to the same mother. How’s that for coincidence?

Drummer of the month: I’ve never met these people before in my life.

Q: What do you play?

Dylan:   I play electric and acoustic rhythm guitar. Sometimes I play the Lennon manqué.

John:     I play electric lead and slide guitar, twelve-string acoustic, sitar, mandolin, violin and keyboards.

Bob:      I play bass. I can also play guitar, cello, piano and the harmonica.

Drummer of the month: Drums.

Q: How did you guys first learn to play?

Drummer of the month: Drum lessons.

Dylan:   My father bought me my first guitar and taught me how to play, but I learned mostly from studying the techniques of Jimi Hendrix, Keith Richards and Pete Townsend, and listening to the Kinks and the Beatles over and over again.

John:     Our dad encouraged us to learn an instrument. He forced us to learn the violin and cello, but then decided we should switch to guitars.

Bob:      Yeah, we didn’t even want to play music. Rock’s not really our bag, man. It’s all just to please our dad. Pretty Freudian, really…

John:     What I really want to do is direct.

Bob:      And I wanna be an astronaut.

Q: Any response to the accusation that you’re just riding the coattails of the other new garage bands?

Dylan:   Listen, we’ve been around since 1993. We’re riding our own coattails, man. Besides, we really don’t like being labeled as just another garage band. We’ve practiced in basements too.

Bob:      Attics.

John:     Storage units, even.


Q: Any last words?

Dylan:   Mainstream Alternative is an oxymoron.

Bob:      When a stripper asks you if you see anything you like, tell her you like her shoes.

John:   I can’t believe we paid a professional publicist to write this.